Betting on Transformation: Guiding a UK Bookmaker’s Platform to Victory

Betting on Transformation: Guiding a UK Bookmaker’s Platform to Victory

  • Overview: A Competitive Landscape Demands Innovation
The online betting space is a dynamic battlefield where constant innovation separates winners from losers. Our client, a prominent Betting SaaS provider, recognized the need to expand its service offerings and optimize performance to maintain its competitive edge.
  • Challanges: Obstacles to Growth
Several key roadblocks hindered the client’s growth trajectory:

Limited Features: The platform lacked a diverse range of features, particularly top-tier slots and casino games, which are crucial for user engagement. Integrating with third-party providers was essential to expand the service catalog.

Performance Bottlenecks: The existing infrastructure struggled to scale effectively. With a growing user base and increasing data loads, the platform experienced performance issues hindering user experience.

Quality Assurance Gap: The platform lacked a robust Quality Assurance (QA) API framework to effectively test new integrations, potentially compromising the stability and functionality of the platform.
  • Solution: A Strategic Integration Approach
EV Labs implemented a multi-faceted integration strategy to address the client’s challenges:

API Integration Expertise: Our team seamlessly integrated multiple leading slot and casino game providers, significantly enriching the platform’s feature set and boosting user engagement. Additionally, a future-proof architecture was implemented, leveraging the latest technologies to simplify future integrations with additional providers.

Performance Optimization: We successfully migrated the core platform to a cutting-edge tech stack, significantly enhancing scalability and performance. This ensured the platform could handle increasing user traffic and data loads with ease, delivering a seamless user experience.

Robust QA Framework: Our team developed a comprehensive QA API framework, enabling thorough testing of the newly integrated APIs. This ensured the seamless integration of third-party providers without compromising platform stability or functionality.
  • Key Features: A Game-Changing Transformation

Enriched Feature Set: Integration with leading gaming providers unlocked a diverse range of top-tier slots and casino games, significantly enhhancing the platform’s appeal and user engagement.

Enhanced Scalability: Migration to a modern tech stack allowed for flexible and efficient scaling to accommodate future growth, ensuring a smooth user experience for a growing user base.

Streamlined Integrations: The future-proof architecture facilitated simpler integration with additional platforms in the future, allowing the client to continuously adapt and add new offerings.

Robust QA Framework: The newly developed framework ensures high-quality integrations with future providers by streamlining the testing process.
  • Impact: A Frontrunner Forged
Through collaborative efforts and strategic integrations, EV Labs played a pivotal role in reshaping the client’s Betting SaaS platform. The result? A complete transformation:

Market Leadership: Proactive problem-solving and cutting-edge integrations propelled the client to the forefront of the industry.

Enhanced User Experience: A wider range of features and seamless performance optimization led to a more engaging and satisfying user experience.

Future-Proofed Platform: The modern tech stack and streamlined integration architecture empower the client to adapt and grow effortlessly in the ever-evolving online betting landscape.
  • Tech Stack:

Backend: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, RabbitMQ, HazelCast, Redis

Database: MySQL Server, MongoDB

Cloud: AWS, Microservices, Jenkins, Docker
  • Services:

Web app development



Project Duration

6 Months

Project Domain

UK Online Gambling

Team Size

2 Architect

4 Senior Full stack Developers

1 Automation QA

Team Retention Rate

  • Client feedback:
The teams at EVLabs have done a tremendous job with a recent very demanding and very high-paced project of ours. Diligent, knowledgeable and able to quickly deliver. We have also been very impressed by their ability to quickly offer alternative, working solutions when requirements change. Highly recommended if you are seeking a true digital transformation partner, will definitely work with them again!

Ivan Gashtilov

CEO at Bluepoint Digital
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