Beyond the Backlog: Streamlining Development & Delivering a Winning Platform for a Major UK Bookmaker

Beyond the Backlog: Streamlining Development & Delivering a Winning Platform for a Major UK Bookmaker

  • Overview: The Challenge of Launching a Groundbreaking Platform
The UK bookmaker envisioned a platform that would disrupt the online and retail gaming market. However, several challenges hindered this ambitious goal:

Delayed Launch: Years of development had passed with no market launch in sight, jeopardizing the bookmaker’s competitive edge.

Communication Silos: Ineffective team collaboration and communication gaps hampered progress.

Performance Issues: Sluggish system responsiveness detracted from the user experience.

Data Integrity: Inconsistent and unstable real-time betting data threatened core functionalities.

Security Concerns: Unidentified security vulnerabilities posed significant risks.

Knowledge Gap: Utilizing advanced technology without the requisite expertise hindered development efficiency.
These challenges combined to create a situation where a promising platform remained unreleased, hindering the bookmaker’s growth and market competitiveness.
  • Challenges Addressed: Expert Intervention for Streamlined Development
EV Labs recognized the need for a multifaceted approach to address these challenges. We assembled a team of seasoned consultants with deep expertise in the betting industry:

Software Architect: Provided a comprehensive analysis of the platform’s architecture, pinpointing and resolving technical bottlenecks.

Business Analyst: Bridged the gap between business goals and technical implementation, ensuring the platform aligned with market demands.

Technical Team Leads: Streamlined development processes by fostering effective team communication and collaboration.

Full Stack Developers: Diagnosed and resolved technical challenges, optimizing system performance and stability.

Automation QA Engineers: Developed and implemented automated testing frameworks for robust quality assurance.
  • Solutions Implemented: A Collaborative Approach to Success
EV Labs’ collaborative approach focused on optimizing development processes and leveraging our team’s deep industry knowledge:

Agile Methodology Adoption: Implementing Agile methodologies fostered flexibility and rapid iteration, enabling the team to respond effectively to changing requirements.

Module Refactoring: Streamlined code structure and improved maintainability, enhancing development efficiency.

Enhanced Communication: Cultivated open and transparent communication channels between development teams and stakeholders, facilitating streamlined collaboration.
  • Key Features Delivered: A Platform Primed for Success
EV Labs’ intervention yielded a platform equipped with features that empowered the bookmaker to compete effectively:

Unmatched Performance: System performance skyrocketed by over 100%, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience for online and retail gamers.

Expanded Offerings: Integration of 3 new payment and 7 new gaming providers broadened the platform’s functionality and user appeal.

Robust Security: Rigorous security measures addressed vulnerabilities, safeguarding user data and financial transactions.
  • Impact: A Successful Launch and a Competitive Advantage
The collaboration with EV Labs had a transformative impact on the UK bookmaker:

Successful Launch: The long-awaited platform launch finally occurred, allowing the bookmaker to capitalize on a lucrative market opportunity.

Enhanced Development Capabilities: Streamlined processes and improved communication empowered the bookmaker’s development team to deliver future projects more efficiently.

Market Competitiveness: The high-performing, secure platform positioned the bookmaker as a leader in the global gaming industry.
  • Tech Stack:

Backend: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, RabbitMQ, HazelCast, Redis

Database: MySQL Server, MongoDB

Cloud: AWS, Microservices, Jenkins, Docker
  • Services:


Project Duration

6 Months

Project Domain

UK Online Gambling

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