Modernize to Thrive: A Web-Based Transformation Story

Modernize to Thrive: A Web-Based Transformation Story

  • Overview: Embracing the Cloud for Insurance Innovation
In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, legacy systems can become roadblocks to innovation. Our client, a prominent US insurance SaaS provider, recognized this. Their decade-old desktop application, while reliable, lacked the flexibility and accessibility of a modern web platform. To thrive in the ever-changing insurance industry, a transformation was necessary.
  • Challenges: Hurdles on the Road to Modernization
The migration from desktop to web presented several significant hurdles:

Legacy Codebase Labyrinth: The existing application boasted a complex and extensive codebase. Extracting and migrating critical business logic seamlessly while preserving functionality was a challenge.

User Experience Crossroads: Maintaining (or exceeding) the user experience of the desktop application was paramount. The new web platform had to be intuitive, feature-rich, and user-friendly.

Data Migration Minefield: Accurately transferring vast amounts of data from the legacy system to the new platform, while ensuring data integrity, demanded a meticulous strategy.

Scalability Imperative: The new platform required the ability to scale effortlessly to accommodate the client’s future growth and evolving needs.
  • Solutions: A Strategic Path to Modernization
EV Labs delivered a comprehensive RFID solution designed to address the client’s specific needs:

Modern Tech Stack: We recommended a best-in-class technology stack for the new platform: .NET Core for a robust backend, Angular for a dynamic frontend, and Azure as the foundation for a scalable cloud infrastructure. This future-proofed architecture ensured performance, flexibility, and seamless integration.

Codebase Cartography: A thorough analysis of the legacy codebase identified reusable components, core business logic, and outdated or redundant code. This facilitated a targeted and efficient migration process.

Data Migration Mastery: A meticulous data migration strategy ensured the safe and accurate transfer of data from the legacy system. Data validation and cleansing processes protected data integrity during the migration.

User-Centric Design Philosophy: The web application’s frontend was designed with user experience at the forefront. A responsive and intuitive interface was built to provide a seamless user journey.

Uncompromising Security: Robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols, were implemented to safeguard sensitive insurance data.

Scalability for Growth: Azure’s inherent cloud scalability capabilities were leveraged, ensuring the platform could effortlessly adapt to the client’s expanding user base and data volume.
  • Key Features: A Web-Based Transformation

Enhanced User Experience: A modern, responsive, and user-friendly web application significantly improved user satisfaction and interaction.

Data Integrity Maintained: : Data was successfully migrated with high accuracy, guaranteeing business continuity and eliminating data loss concerns.

Scalability for the Future: The new platform effortlessly handles increased workloads, empowering the client to scale their services as needed.

Future-Proofed Architecture: The cutting-edge technology stack and cloud infrastructure ensure the platform remains adaptable, allowing for easy integration with future industry trends and innovations.
  • Impact: A Modernized Leader in Insurance SaaS
The migration from legacy desktop to a modern web platform, powered by .NET Core, Angular, and Azure, yielded transformative results for our client:

Thriving in a Modern Landscape: The client gained a competitive edge with a platform that caters to user preferences for web-based solutions and mobile accessibility.

Scalability for Continued Growth: The platform is equipped to handle future growth, ensuring the client can meet their evolving business needs.

A Foundation for Innovation: The future-proofed architecture positions the client to embrace new technologies and stay ahead of the curve in the insurance SaaS industry.
  • Tech Stack:

Frontend: Angular 10+, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript

Backend: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core

Database: MS SQL Server, MSSQL

Cloud: Azure, ServiceFabric, Microservices
  • Services:

Web app development

UX/UI design


Project Duration

3 Years

Project Domain

Automotive Insurance

Team Size

3 Architect

6 Senior Full stack Developers

3 Automation QA

Team Retention Rate

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