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RWB Betting Platform

RWB International is a pioneering Asian Betting SaaS company that specializes in providing innovative software solutions for the rapidly growing online betting and gaming industry in the Asian market. With a commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of the unique demands of the Asian gaming landscape, RWB International has emerged as a leader in delivering comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable SaaS solutions to operators and businesses in the region.

Company Idea

RWB International’s company idea revolves around being a pioneering and customer-focused force in the Asian online betting and gaming industry, providing tailored software solutions that drive success and innovation in the market.


Operating an Asian SaaS platform with a European R&D center, particularly in the betting industry, presents several development-related challenges. These challenges can significantly impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of the R&D operations. Here are some key development challenges to consider:

Time Zone Differences: Coordinating development activities and communication between teams in Asia and Europe can be challenging due to significant time zone differences, potentially leading to delays in decision-making and issue resolution.

Quality Assurance: Maintaining consistent software quality across different development teams and regions can be challenging. Differences in development practices and testing approaches may affect the overall quality of the platform.

Cross-Team Collaboration: Effective collaboration between the Asian product and European development teams is crucial for successful project execution. Cultural and communication barriers can hinder this collaboration.

Project Management: Managing development projects across different regions requires effective project management practices, including coordination, progress tracking, and milestone management.

Technical Expertise: Ensuring that the European R&D team possesses the required technical expertise and domain knowledge is essential for successful platform development.


This success story highlights the pivotal role played by strategic measures in the successful development of a SaaS platform:

Enhanced Communication Infrastructure: By strengthening communication infrastructure and establishing robust channels for sharing information, teams experienced a seamless flow of ideas, updates, and feedback. This facilitated streamlined collaboration.

Cross-Continental Alignment: The success of platform development hinged on the close coordination and alignment between the Asian headquarters and the European R&D center. This alignment ensured both the efficiency and effectiveness of development initiatives.

End customers communication: Our team recognized the importance of communicating with end customers which was a game-changer. This approach guaranteed that implemented platform solutions met customers requirements, resulting in a more satisfying end product.

During a span of three years, our team’s dedication contributed to RWB International’s success in retaining its current clients and acquiring new ones, ultimately resulting in a team expansion of over 50 percent.

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