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Sharp Gaming Betting Platform

Sharp Gaming operates with the mission to build a revolutionary tech platform for the global gaming industry. This platform is targeted at online and retail operators including sports betting and gaming services.

Company Idea

Recognizing the need for process optimization, Sharp Gaming decided to engage a team of consultants to address its issues and streamline their product development processes.


Despite having a talented development team and a promising product pipeline, the company faced significant challenges in launching their product on time and within budget. 

Delayed Product Releases: The company consistently missed its product release deadlines, leading to frustration among stakeholders and a loss of market opportunities.

Inefficient Development Workflow: The development process was plagued by inefficiencies, including scope creep and unclear requirements.

Communication Gaps: Communication breakdowns between development teams, product managers, and stakeholders hindered progress and created misunderstandings about project goals and priorities.

Quality Assurance: QA and testing were often rushed, leading to post-launch issues that required costly fixes and negatively impacted customer satisfaction.


Sharp Gaming’s choice to enlist our team of consultants for the enhancement of their product development processes marked a critical milestone in their journey to surmount challenges. Through the implementation of Agile methodologies, showcasing module refactoring strategies, and cultivating improved communication and collaboration within their software development workflow, the company realized substantial enhancements in their product development capabilities. This case study underscores the importance of leveraging external expertise to streamline processes and empower a software product company to efficiently deliver top-quality solutions.


Contract Duration
6 months
Online Gambling
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