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CCC Intelligent Solutions SaaS Platform

CCC Intelligent Solutions is a leading software solutions provider with a legacy desktop application that served as the backbone of their business operations for over a decade. To adapt to changing user preferences, improve accessibility, and scale their services, CCC Intelligent Solutions decided to migrate its legacy desktop application to a modern web-based platform.


Legacy Codebase: The existing application had a large and complex codebase, making it challenging to extract and migrate critical business logic seamlessly.

User Experience: The client needed to ensure that the web-based application provided a user experience at least as smooth and feature-rich as the desktop version.

Data Migration: Data stored in the legacy application had to be transferred accurately to the new platform while maintaining data integrity.

Scalability: The new web application needed to be scalable to accommodate future growth.


Our team devised a comprehensive migration plan to address these challenges:

Technology Stack: They recommended using .NET Core for the backend, Angular for the frontend, and Azure as the cloud platform, ensuring modern and scalable architecture.

Codebase Analysis: The existing codebase was thoroughly analyzed to identify reusable components, business logic, and any outdated or redundant code.

Data Migration: A data migration strategy was developed to safely transfer data from the legacy system to the new platform, with data validation and cleansing processes.

User-Centric Design: The frontend was designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring a responsive and intuitive user interface.

Security Measures: Robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, and authorization, were implemented to protect sensitive data.

Scalability: Azure’s cloud scalability capabilities were leveraged to ensure the application could grow with the client’s needs.


The migration of the legacy desktop application to a web-based platform using .NET Core, Angular, and Azure yielded significant positive results:

Enhanced User Experience: The web application provided a modern, responsive, and user-friendly experience, increasing user satisfaction.

Data Integrity: Data was successfully migrated with high accuracy, ensuring business continuity.

Scalability: The application could easily handle increased workloads, supporting the client’s growth.

Future-Proofing: The new technology stack and architecture future-proofed the application, making it easier to adapt to emerging industry trends.


The successful migration of CCC’s legacy desktop application to a web-based platform using .NET Core, Angular, and Azure was a testament to the expertise and diligence of our team. This transformation allowed CCC Intelligent Solutions to continue providing their services effectively in a modern, web-accessible format, and it positioned them for future growth and innovation in their industry. This case study underscores the importance of strategic migration planning and the right technology choices in modernizing legacy systems.

Tech Stack

Frontend: Angular 10+, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript

Backend: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core

Cloud: Azure, ServiceFabric, Microservices

Database: MS SQL Server, MSSQL

Project Duration
3 Years (Ongoing)
Project Domain
Automotive Insurance
Team Size
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