Our Projects

The engine of our motivation is the idea to develop robust and intuitive software solutions that empower businesses to excel in an ever-changing digital environment. We strive to cultivate enduring client relationships through the delivery of dependable, scalable, and secure software products that not only meet but also surpass expectations, fostering growth.

As active contributors to the software development arena, we leverage innovative approaches to attain exceptional quality. In tandem with our dedication to customer success, we envision a world where technology-driven tools empower businesses to realize their utmost potential. We aspire to lead the way in this digital transformation journey.

Increased Revenue: Improved user experience and features led to significant revenue growth for operators.

Market Leadership: The secure and feature-rich platform helped solidify the client’s position as a market leader.

Crafting a Secure and Feature-Rich B2B Platform for a Leading Asian Operator

The Asian online gambling market is booming, and operators need cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead. Our client, a leading B2B software provider, recognized this. Their vision: a platform that offered a winning combination of features, security, and regulatory compliance.

Faster Development: Developers focus on complex features, saving time on repetitive layout tasks.

Simplified Design: Users create visually appealing layouts with drag-and-drop and pre-built templates.

Streamlining Web Development With A Customizable Layout Builder

We developed an in-house layout builder, a specialized tool seamlessly integrated into our software and web development platform. This user-friendly tool empowers users to craft and personalize the structure and design of web pages without writing complex code.

Faster Launch: Agile methodology streamlines development for quicker market entry.

Improved Performance by 100%: System optimization boosts speed and responsiveness by over 100%.

Beyond the Backlog: Streamlining Development & Delivering a Winning Platform for a Major UK Bookmaker

The UK bookmaker envisioned a platform that would disrupt the online and retail gaming market. However, several challenges hindered this ambitious goal:

Global Expertise: Access to Europe’s top tech talent strengthens the client’s workforce.

Enhanced Collaboration: Established communication channels bridge geographical and cultural gaps.

Beyond Borders, Beyond Delays: Accelerating a Leading Insurer’s European Expansion

The client, a leading insurance technology provider, recognized the importance of staying ahead of the curve. With Europe emerging as a hotbed for innovation, establishing a dedicated R&D center offered an opportunity to:

Future-Proofed Technology: Cutting-edge architecture allows easy integration with future innovations.

Highly Accurate Data Migration: High-accuracy data transfer ensures business continuity and avoids data loss.

Modernize to Thrive: A Web-Based Transformation Story

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, legacy systems can become roadblocks to innovation. Our client, a prominent US insurance SaaS provider, recognized this. Their decade-old desktop application, while reliable, lacked the flexibility and accessibility of a modern web platform. To thrive in the ever-changing insurance industry, a transformation was necessary.

Custom User Experience: User-friendly interface designed for all user groups (sales reps, managers, admins)

Real-time Integration: Connects with existing retail systems for data sync and real-time communication.

The Secret Weapon of Retail Leaders: Unlocking Performance by Transforming Training Efficiency

The retail landscape craved a training revolution, a shift from clunky methods to an engaging, data-driven approach. Our client, a visionary SaaS company, saw this gap and dedicated itself to bridging it. Over twelve years, they transformed from a whiteboard idea into a leading provider, offering a microlearning platform that empowers retail businesses to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Extended Features: Integration with top slots and casino games increases user engagement.

Stable User Growth: Modern tech stack ensures smooth handling of growing user base and data.

Betting on Transformation: Guiding a UK Bookmaker’s Platform to Victory

The online betting space is a dynamic battlefield where constant innovation separates winners from losers. Our client, a prominent Betting SaaS provider, recognized the need to expand its service offerings and optimize performance to maintain its competitive edge.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking: RFID tracks goods throughout the warehouse, eliminating manual work and errors.

Reduced Costs: Automation cuts labor expenses and minimizes errors for overall cost reduction.

Warehouse Revolution: Streamlining Operations with Next-Gen RFID Integration

In today’s competitive landscape, optimizing warehouse operations is paramount. Our client, a prominent Bulgarian warehousing company specializing in plastic products, recognized the potential of RFID technology to streamline workflows, enhance data accuracy, and achieve unparalleled efficiency. However, integrating RFID with existing systems presented a unique set of challenges.
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