Streamlining Web Development With A Customizable Layout Builder

  • The problems we identified:
Rapidly volving customer demands and a constant stream of unique web  page design requests were hindering our development team’s efficiency. Catering to each client’s specific preferences, while important creating bottlenecks and wasted developer time. We needed a solution that balanced customization with efficient development  processes.
  • Solution:
We developed an in-house layout builder, a specialized tool seamlessly integrated into our software and web development platform. This user-friendly tool empowers users to craft and personalize the structure and design of web pages without writing complex code.
  • The benefits:

Increased Developer Efficiency: Developers can focus on complex functionalities instead of repetitive page layout tasks.

Enhanced Design Flexibility: Users can create visually appealing and well-organized web pages with complete control over element placement..

Streamlined Workflow: The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies layout creation, saving time and effort
  • Key Features:

Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Arrange elements (text, images, videos, widgets) on a canvas for effortless page creation.

Predefined Templates: Launch design projects quickly with pre-built templates to serve as starting point.

Customization Options: Modify element appearance, size, position and style for an individualized layout.

Responsive Design: Ensure layouts adapt flawlessly to various screen sizes and mobile devices.

Content Block Management: Seamlessly add and edit text, images headers  and multimedia content within the layout.

Real-Time Preview: See how your layout will appear to visitors with a real time preview function.
  • Impact:
This solution, initially designed for a lading Asian B2B SaaS betting platform, has evolved into a versatile tool applicable across different domains. Its adaptability and scalability broaden its potential applications, making it valuable for a wide range of industries.
  • Tech Stack:

Frontend: Angular 13+, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript

Backend: .NET Core, Entity Framework Core

Real-Time Communication: SignalR, ZeroMQ for real-time updates and notifications

Database: MSSQL Server, MongoDB

Cloud: Docker, Docker-Compose, Cloudflare
  • Services:

Web app development

UX/UI design


Project Duration

1 Year

Project Domain

Layout Builder

Team Size

1 Architect

2 Senior Full stack Developers

1 Automation QA

Team Retention Rate

  • Client feedback:
EVLabs was a reliable partner from the beginning till the end of their work It was delightful to work with them and their insight and recommendations was highly constructive witch scale our products.

Jason Teh

CEO at RWB International
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